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For over 21 years Wendy Rose has been serving local clients and visitors from all over the world. She began her practice in the beautiful town of Manchester-by-the-Sea. Due to Covid-19 and the impact on her business, she has downsized her space and was invited to share space at a well established spa in the quaint town of Magnolia, a small village located in Gloucester, just a few miles away. Over the years many clients have offered a tremendous amount of support and testimonials about Wendy's special healing touch and care. Located in Wendy's office is a box with handwritten notes from clients open to be viewed by guests.

Below are a few offerings to review. 

"Dear Wendy,

Thank you so much for the most amazing massage ever. It made for part of a great birthday! You are so skilled."


"Dear Wendy,

A belated thank you for such an awesome raindrop and massage. Thanks for just being such a dear friend and fellow healer."

With a grateful heart


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Thank You!

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